Dashboard with tailor made content analysis

Our dashboard shows you at a glance all the necessary metrics to optimize content within each channel.

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Completeness Scores

The platform provides insight into the completeness of your product content. The completeness score is calculated per product, brand, retailer channel and category. We also give insight into the completeness score of your entire product range. By means of this feature you know exactly which information is required for an optimized online product presentation.

Completeness Scores

Incomplete Products

When your content is incomplete, the platform automatically shows you the fields that need to be provided with information. The system is trained to recognize incomplete information and point it out. If retailers offer new content possibilities, you will be notified automatically.

Incomplete Products

Insights for E-commerce Managers

We offer insight into the performance of your content per retail channel and per brand. This enables you to get the most out of your possibilities to present your products.

Insight for e-commerce Managers

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