Easily communicate within the platform

Chat with your colleagues, ask questions to our Customer Experience team, assign tasks within your company, or search for helpful articles. All this is possible, directly within our platform.

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Task Management

Tasks are no longer turned off via email. Different departments communicate with you through tasks in the dashboard.


Integrated Support

We will always try to help you the best we can. We do this in different ways.

Live chat with our team

Chat directly with our Customer Experience team. They are always happy to have a look with you as soon as possible.

Live chat

Articles always at your disposal

Search for useful articles about our platform, for example, about importing your images, or about enriching your fields.


Chat with your colleagues

Communication is housed in the platform. This keeps everything transparent for all departments.

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More features

Media Converter

Advanced Filtering

50+ languages

300+ Channels

Bulk Actions



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