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Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


World of Content and BigCommerce

World of Content's platform is designed in the context of content syndication. Connected brand manufacturers can easily import all their products, then enrich the product information, after which all product content is automatically shared on the website of any retailer of their choice. From extensive marketing text to high quality images, and from bullet points to product videos. All content is shared via World of Content around the world while also tailored to the individual. This way, as an online consumer, you will encounter only the most relevant and personalized product information. Click here for more information about the PXM platform of World of Content.

Through the new connection between World of Content and BigCommerce, you can now publish and sell all your products (after they have been equipped with the best content) on your own webshop. A good example of this is Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, who have set up their own webshop for some of their beer brands, such as 'de Molen'. The advantage of having your own online shop is the fact that you can style the entire environment exactly in line with your brand. In addition, it is possible to share product information aimed at other companies. In the case of Swinkels, these might be restaurants or cafes, for example.

A big benefit of the API between the platform of World of Content and BigCommerce is that all product fields are supported. As a manufacturer, you are therefore always assured that all products including all assets will appear on your webshop in the best possible way. Furthermore, it is also possible to add custom fields. This is a possibility you often don't have while sharing to a traditional retailer.

Marvin Kilsdonk is Senior Back End Developer at World of Content and one of the developers who helped build the connection. Marvin: "Today it is essential as a manufacturer to offer your products to the market online. Through this connection, this is now possible for any party, large or small."

Starting your own webshop has never been easier. World of Content will now look at what else is possible in the future to support the e-commerce activities that follow the content optimization process.

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BigCommerce's mission is to help merchants sell more at every growth stage of their business. Our platform is built for growth so retailers can realize their vision without compromise. It's designed for high performance so businesses can seamlessly scale with technology they can rely on. And it's efficient in both time and cost. We offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, allowing retailers to make more profit and invest in customer acquisition.

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World of Content, a Productsup company, powers e-commerce through smart content management services. Driven by innovation, the platform offers more usability, flexibility and speed in managing product content than any conventional provider. As a GS1 certified company working with over 1,500 brands and retailers, World of Content enables efficient and secure content recognition, content segmentation and product storytelling. Companies can automatically deliver perfect content tailored to individual customers worldwide. Learn more about World of Content's platform here, or request a free demo by filling in the form below.

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