Melitta has entrusted the content syndication process of both FMCG and Consumer Electronics to World of Content

Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


Collaboration World of Content and Melitta

As of today, Melitta, known for the brands Toppits, Swirl and Melitta itself, will be using World of Content's platform. Through this platform, the manufacturer can easily enrich all its product information, and then share this optimized content to any retailer.

To easily enrich product information, the platform provides a few convenient tools. For example, the platform automatically directs the user to the fields of incomplete products that need to be provided with information. The system is trained to recognize incomplete information and point it out to the user. Also, when retailers offer new content opportunities, Melitta is automatically notified via the dashboard. "We are looking forward to working with World of Content in order to gain better insight into our data per retailer, and to be able to enrich it in an easy, centralized way in the future," said Geert Tibosch, e-Commerce Manager Benelux Melitta & Swirl Quinyo at Melitta.

Melitta is a manufacturer of various products, such as coffee beans and paper coffee filters, as well as electronics such as coffee makers and milk foamers. Dominic van Waversveld, Key Account Manager at World of Content: "Melitta is a great company with a large range of products. Especially with electrical devices, it is necessary that all available information is clearly displayed on each channel. We are excited about the fact that our platform provides the necessary tools for this optimization process."

Besides the fact that content is optimized and live on any channel, there are many other benefits to the collaboration:

  • Improve internal workflows
  • Seamless and fast time-to-market
  • Control and overview of product data and content
  • Better understanding and ownership of product content performance
  • Global syndication capabilities

The platform Melitta will use provides comprehensive control and visibility over all product information and content, managing information according to multiple dimensions (channels, organizations, brands, categories) and phases (concept, stored, published, live and archived). These insights make it possible for Melitta to identify and act on optimization opportunities at a glance.

World of Content looks forward to starting the project and working together!

About Melitta

Under the Melitta® brand, consumers can find everything that goes with a really good cup of coffee: filter coffee, filter bags®, hand filters, filter coffee makers, fully automatic coffee machines, coffee grinders, kettles, milk foamers and much more. And in over 40 countries worldwide.

We set the highest quality standards for our products. Our role model is the company founder Melitta Bentz: in 1908, using a brass box and a sheet of blotting paper, she developed the world's first coffee filter. With her ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, she successfully built the company and thus laid the foundation for our present-day concern.

About World of Content

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